Etsuko's story
Grandpa (Henry Caveney)
Murray's Story
I (Murray) was not present at Grandpa's funeral and kindly asked my sister (Vivienne) to read the following at the funeral regarding Grandpa.

Coming to New Plymouth during the holidays was one my highlights of growing up. I spent most of my time with Grandma that is Matilda, this was very desirable because Grandpa seemed always very strict and gruff. The aspect of Grandpa's strictness and gruffness, at times, I'm sure has already been covered adequately and probably requires no further elaboration.
Grandpa did however allow me to use some of his tools and provided materials for me to make even quite large structures. He used to keep tools very sharp, which as I type can still see two inch long scares on my left hand bearing witness to this. In looking back I notice strangely that most of my interests mirror Grandpa's. Carpentry, photography, mountain climbing, telecommunications, Christianity and overseas missions.
As you probably guessed it was Grandpa's dedication to serve God that attracted me to him the most. Grandpa's passion to serve God wholeheartedly has also become my most intense passion. I made reference to Christianity as an interest, my lovely wife Etsuko, corrected me a while back in saying quite correctly "it's not an interest".. like collecting stamps or whatever. It is the foundation on which the reason for our very being can be found, but must be found personally. Without this foundation the purpose for one's existence on this planet can not and will not be found. I am most thankful to Grandpa for his passing on the batton of faith to his children and most of his grandchildren. It is my most earnest prayer that when my time on this earth also comes to pass that the same may be said of me.
Sunshine, if you are waiting to see a perfect Christian before considering believing in God yourself, you will, but it won't be this side of death. Yes you will meet Jesus, who was the only perfect person who ever lived, but if you leave the issue of believing in Him to that point I think you might be a bit late. Christians are folk "on the way," and the reality is God seems to specialise in using "cracked pots," so yes Grandpa used to drive some folks nuts just as I no doubt do to, but the bottem line was that he was faithful to God, and God used him to acheive His purposes, just as I pray that God will use me too.
It is sad that Grandpa has passed from this world, but awesome that he, no doubt, would have already heard "well done thou good and faithful servant..." Christianity isn't just about staying out of hell, although that's probably not such a bad thing, it's about finding your purpose in living, just as Grandpa did. Jesus said "I have come that you might have life and have it in abundance," translating that into English means "Jesus want's you to experience life to the max. short of blowing the fuses." If thats what you want too then I recommend you get in touch with the God who created the universe, just as Grandpa did. For details find a growing Church near you, and get The Book.
Thank you.