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I was born in New Zealand in a town called Tokoroa in 1962. New Zealand is perhaps most famous for sheep. (photo by Joshua) This is a picture of me with my mother. In 1986 I met a beautiful young lady by the name of Etsuko Ono while I was studying at Canterbury University (Christchurch). (2002 pic of Etsuko.. still young and beautiful ねー) We met because we both went to the same church, near the University (Illam Apostolic), she was a travel coordinator for Japanese tourists at that time. We got married in 1989 in the Baptist church (Nagasaki). The following picture shows our wedding party, best man from the back left to my wife's niece (Aya Kihara) right front. (2001 photo of Aya) At the rear right are my wife's two older sisters, Masako and Ryoko. I also graduated from University the same year (Electrical Engineering). In 1993 we came to Japan to live (Isahaya), and had a son Joshua in 1994. The choice of the name "Joshua" was based on Joshua ch. 24 vs 14 and 15 (our prayer for all people of Japan).  (2002 photo of Joshua)  I worked as an AET at the Seiryo Senior High School in Tarami (Nagasaki) for three years. The following picture is of the very patient English teachers at Seiryo at that time.  And a picture taken when my parents visited the school. The following picture was taken by my first supervisor Mr Nakamoto, he kindly took me and my lovely wife many places. (2002 pic of us)

I have two younger sisters their names are Vivienne and Brenda. Vivienne married a German gentleman by the name of Thomas Wolff Dec. 2001, they met at a church in Wellington (The Rock). Photo by Stephen Procter They had a baby boy April 2003 (Zach). My youngest sister Brenda married David Ingram-Johnson (Feb 2002), and had a baby girl in June 2003 (Charlotte). Photo by Steve Wilson The following photo is of my family (Thomas not present) and my wife's family . My extended grandparents are my mother's father (Grandpa born 1915) and my father's mother (Granny 1906 - 2003) who died recently.

My interests include Christianity, building (41 Woodman Drive Tawa Wellington New Zealand) designed and built in my early 20s, flying (Makoto Sensei, Paraparaumu NZ), boating from very slow to very fast, skiing (my kind of sign) , photography, multimedia, computing, electronics, mechatronics, mountain climbing and of course love of animals. (~100kg dogs) (medium dog) (this is a cat)

I currently teach IT and some English at the Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University in the English IT department. I recently completed a PhD in mechanical engineering at Nagasaki University. I worked as a technician and later engineer for the New Zealand Railways, then as a communications consultant for NZ Telecom. I am a visiting lecturer at the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science. I received prefectural awards for innovation (stair-climbing wheelchair) in 1997 and 1998. Studies and interests include the development of Stair-climbing devices, multimedia in education and the use of Virtual Reality in rehabilitation training.

Papers published 著書、学術論文(19962002) click the paper title to view it in Acrobat format Get Acrobat Reader

Study of Stair-climbing Assistive Mechanisms for the Disabled(障害者のための階段昇降機構に関する研究) PhD thesis (博士論文), Dec 2002.
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1997年第45回長崎発明くふう展長崎県商工会議所連合会会長賞 優秀賞受賞

Nagasaki inventors - Video clips from Upる today Nagasaki Broadcasting Corporation Jan 1999


階段昇降可能な車椅子,特許出願中(整理番号 MJL9709001)
M. Lawn. "If I use a computer will it save time? ...well No and Yes," Computer Science Center, 長崎総合科学大学情報科学センター, 所報No.7pp. 15-19,1996.

My University E-mail address is lawnmj@n-junshin.ac.jp


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